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The Relationship Between Food Service and Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate has altered its perception of food service. Traditionally food was pertained to the food court area, but that is no longer the case. Today, restaurants have become a central figure in the design of shopping centers. Commercial real estate has become more dependent on food service to obtain profits. This new function of restaurants has caused a drastic shift in the relationship it has with retail. There has been a slight role reversal to which industry brings in customers, as food service is having a greater impact.

The Food & Beverage category is a growing segment, which leads to the integration of food service within commercial real estate spaces. One study conducted by the International Council of Shopping Centers, focused on the role of food service in the retail atmosphere. They found that in most countries, consumers have been spending more on food service than they have on groceries in recent years. People are now eating out more, and restaurants at a…