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Commercial Real Estate Industries for 2020

The American real estate market is notoriously temperamental and prone to change, and that is even more true for the commercial real estate market. Because the commercial real estate market is inextricably linked with the state and trends of the economy, there are even more factors at play in determining which industries are expected to thrive and need more real estate, and which are expected to shrink. Because of this, if you are considering finding commercial real estate for your business or enterprise, we recommend reading this blog first, because the team at NAI Isaac are here to tell you about commercial real estate industries for 2020 near Lexington, KY.
Healthcare The American economy, as well as the world economy at large, is in some shaky territory right now, and with the continued dominance of e-commerce, more and more industries are being driven out of brick and mortar locations and solely onto the internet. One industry that will always need physical space, and is continu…