COVID-19 Update for Clients

As COVID-19 continues to expand across the United States, NAI Isaac has implemented several steps to keep our clients, tenants, employees, and agents safe while continuing to meet the needs of our clients, vendors, and tenants during this unprecedented global health emergency.  Our office will continue to work remotely whenever possible per the recommendations of our state government.  We will be responsive and reasonable with all stakeholders.  
Regarding property management services, our property management team continues to manage our clients' properties for our building owners and tenants during this time.  Mission critical employees will be available to service our clients and tenants, fulfilling maintenance requests whenever necessary.  
Our sales and leasing team will continue to actively market our listings and provide our clients with updates on the market.
Our company will also be offering regular updates on community and government closures, and will remain informed re…

2020 Commercial Real Estate Trends for Clients

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true: the 2010’s, a decade that never felt like it was going to end, is finally over, and the 2020’s are here. Each decade has had its own character and flavor (just have a think back to the 1980’s for proof), and while it’s impossible to know how the 2020’s will feel from this point, we can take a look into the future for the commercial real estate industry. Like all industries, we are able to look at the past and present to project patterns that will persist into the future, and keeping abreast of these trends is incredibly important if you are planning to invest in commercial real estate this decade. Because of this, keep reading to let the team NAI Isaac tell you about important 2020 commercial real estate trends for clients near Lexington, KY.

Trend #1- Shifting demographics As time is passing, we are seeing traditionally dominant groups of buyers - namely the Baby Boomers - starting to wane in terms of market importance. Many Baby Boomers have alr…

Commercial Real Estate Industries for 2020

The American real estate market is notoriously temperamental and prone to change, and that is even more true for the commercial real estate market. Because the commercial real estate market is inextricably linked with the state and trends of the economy, there are even more factors at play in determining which industries are expected to thrive and need more real estate, and which are expected to shrink. Because of this, if you are considering finding commercial real estate for your business or enterprise, we recommend reading this blog first, because the team at NAI Isaac are here to tell you about commercial real estate industries for 2020 near Lexington, KY.
Healthcare The American economy, as well as the world economy at large, is in some shaky territory right now, and with the continued dominance of e-commerce, more and more industries are being driven out of brick and mortar locations and solely onto the internet. One industry that will always need physical space, and is continu…

Tips for Leasing Commercial Real Estate

Our economy has changed dramatically over the last twenty years. Previously, finding a commercial space for your business was often one of the very first steps you took to get your venture off the ground, because it was almost always necessary in order to provide customers with your products or services. However, the internet has changed how we do business, so now practically anyone can start their business from their bedroom as long as they have a laptop and an internet connection. Whether you run a start-up or took a more traditional route to starting your business, leasing a commercial space is a huge step toward growing your business. Because of this, the experts at NAI Isaac are here to provide you with tips for leasing commercial real estate near Lexington, KY.

Tip #1- Work with a lawyer Leases are legally binding documents, which means that they can be difficult to understand if you don’t have a legal background. If you are a business owner, you likely are too busy to pursue a…

What to Look for in Commercial Real Estate

If you’re lucky enough to own a home, then you probably already know that buying property can be tricky. At its best, buying property can be confusing, and at its worst, it can be downright frustrating. Now imagine that process, but compounded to take into account not just your wants and needs, but the success of your livelihood as well. That’s what buying commercial property can be like. Here at NAI Isaac, we understand that the process of buying commercial property can be intimidating, which is why we were here to help. Keep reading to learn what to look for in commercial real estate near Lexington, KY.
Type of Property If you’re an outdoorsman, you probably wouldn’t choose to live in the middle of a dense city, just as you probably wouldn’t choose a home in a remote area dozens of miles from any neighbors if you’re a social butterfly. These same kinds of questions apply when search for commercial real estate as well. Consider the type of business you own and what its needs are whe…

NAI Isaac Releases Midyear 2019 Market Report for Lexington, KY


Tips for Selling Commercial Real Estate

No matter how much planning and foresight you put into purchasing your first commercial property, it isn’t likely that your business will stay there forever. Just as most people don’t find the perfect home on the first try, your property may be right for your business right now, but needs change over time, especially as businesses grow. If you find that your current space is no longer suitable to what your business needs, then it might be time to sell and find a new place where your business can flourish. If the process seems daunting, the team at NAI Isaac is here to provide you with tips for selling commercial real estate in the Lexington, KY area.
Tip #1- Invest to Sell Just as your home has likely seen better days than when you first bought it, your business’s commercial space likely looks less pristine than it did the day you moved your operations in. To make your commercial space extra appealing to new buyers, you may need to actually invest more money into the space to show of…