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Winterize Your Commercial Property

Taking a few steps to winterize your space will protect your investment and keep it in top condition during the upcoming winter months.  Below are a few helpful suggestions to prevent unnecessary damage and costs.
1.  Keep your heaters on a low setting.  Leaving a heater off can cause pipes to freeze and break.  A minimum heating bill will offer peace of mind and a more comfortable environment for customers, employees and clients. 2. Have your HVAC system checked regularly by a qualified commercial HVAC contractor to ensure that it is in good working order and replace filters at least quarterly for office and retail tenants, and monthly for restaurants and hair or nail salons.   3.  Check the caulking around pipes, windows and entryways.  Inform your landlord if you see an issue with the condition of caulked surfaces. 4.  If outside temperatures drop extremely low, then all interior water faucets should be left with the water running at a fast drip or a low trickle. This applies to both h…