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Why Industrial Real Estate Is Flourishing This Year

The industrial real estate world has never seen a more lucrative period. In just the first quarter of 2017, industrial property sales grew by 3%, which is about a $13.9 billion-dollar increase. With numbers this astounding, it is obvious that the industrial real estate world deserves the attention it is getting. At NAI Isaac, of Lexington, Kentucky, we want to show you why industrial real estate is flourishing this year.

Online Businesses
The main reason that industrial real estate is flourishing this year is the unprecedented growth of web-based companies and the shift to online shopping. More so than ever before, online retailers and distributors are expanding their businesses and more and more online businesses are opening. Because these businesses need somewhere to store and house their items, industrial real estate is in high demand. Many of these newer companies start out by renting smaller warehouses as startup businesses, and when their business expands they rent more industr…

What You Need to Know About Investing in Big-Box Stores

Big-box stores were once a no-brainer when it came to investing in commercial real estate. It seemed like an obvious financial move to invest in such a thriving sector of business. However, with every passing day is appears that consumers are shifting away from big-box stores to more online forms of retail. Although the retail sector of business is still dominating and growing more and more by the minute, the way that consumers are conducting their business is transforming. Therefore, investing in big-box stores is now a decision that requires a little more deliberation than previously assumed.

It should be of no surprise that almost all aspects of our culture are being revolutionized by the internet. All business and companies, not just big-box retailers, are having to adapt to this new form of consumerism. Unfortunately, it has been difficult for some business to maintain their pace amongst all of this online change. Many big-box stores have suffered in the face of this changes and …