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The Rise of the Wellness Industry and How You Can Capitalize Off of It

The world is changing, and as such consumers’ habits have changed as well. The wellness industry has become a booming market. People have an increased interest in bettering themselves through living a healthier lifestyle. They are also not connecting with traditional retail experiences anymore.

A study was conducted to see the extent of the expansion the industry incurred. The global wellness industry has a worth of $3.4 trillion. This is in part to the significant development of the sectors in the market since 2010. The market for weight loss, nutrition, and healthy eating has experienced a 108 percent increase in sales for earnings of $276.5 billion. There has been a 65 percent increase in the alternative and complementary medicine sector for profits of $113 billion. The personalized and preventative health division has seen a 78 percent growth for revenues of $243 billion. 51 percent increase of the anti-aging and beauty segment lead to proceeds totaling $679 billion.

The research …